Jason Dumas

Founder, CEO, & RF Engineer, Wireless Guardian

Not many wireless communications systems engineers have the opportunity to attach their names to high-profile, government mobile systems projects early in their careers – if at all. But that’s exactly the type of project that helped shape Jason Daumas’s engineering career.

Jason helped lead the Obama Administration’s implementation of the digital ecosystem that allowed, for the first time ever, for a president to be allowed to carry a cellphone. That included building out the mobile platforms as well as the systems in the Senate and the House.

From the success of that prominent project, Jason created Wireless Guardian – a patented solution that combines signals intelligence along with video analytics to provide real-time security data. Video analytics can be tied to detection measures that alert the presence of gunshots, weapons, and even diseases. These high-tech systems are deployed in places like schools, federal buildings, and event and sports venues, to ensure a high level of security.

This solution has transformed the way businesses can protect their facilities and their visitors, using passive tracking technology powered by AI-enhanced capabilities to deliver optimized security solutions with the ability to create additional revenue streams through targeted digital advertising.

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