Greg Wohler

Greg Wohler

Founder and CEO of MetaVS

Greg Wohler is the Founder and CEO of MetaVS an early stage venture capital firm focusing on blockchain infrastructure projects. Greg is also CEO of The Edge Group, a network of marketing, communications, and consulting companies each serving niche targets within the financial services industry.

Before devoting himself to investing, Greg built an Inc 5,000 user experience design company whose clients included TD Bank, Bank of America, BMO, and Ally Bank. The 120 person firm was acquired in 2014.

Prior to that, Greg founded GrowConsult, which quickly became a leader in early user interface design. Greg’s team worked on some of the first retail and banking projects in web 1.0 and set standards for user experience that still stand today.

As the founder of multiple companies, Greg has witnessed first hand how innovation and technology have transformed the world of financial services.