German Pugliese Bassi, CMO, Cofounder and Alliances, Technisys

German Pugliese Bassi

Cofounder & CMO, Technysis

German is Founder and CMO at Technisys, a digital banking tech company, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Back in 1995, the three founders envisioned the potential of the internet to transform banking into a nimble, technology-driven industry providing both consumers with fast and innovative services.

Running globally, Technisys has an extensive track-record helping banks to be at the forefront of digital banking, such as Banco Original, in Brazil, and Brightside, in Canada, Banco Falabella and Citibank, in more than five countries. The company creates cutting-edge banking technology through Cyberbank, the only truly fullstack digital platform completely designed and developed for the 21st Century’s banking. Market analysts have been pointing the company in the spotlight of global digital banking platforms.

Working globally is something that comes from his essence as an entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Latin America, studied in Europe and has been living in the United States for almost 20 years. In his international career, he was always focused on getting the most on innovation, a key value for our company. Over the last 5 years, he has been traveling throughout the Americas to discuss with top banking executives on how they can differentiate in the market offering superior banking experiences to their customers.

His experience in helping lead the digital evolution of banks also opened the opportunity of sharing the company’s knowledge, vision and findings, by being featured in top financial publications, including Forbes, CNN, America Economia, Latin Finance as well as a guest speaker at Penn’s Wharton School of Business, Columbia University, MIT and many prestigious events in the digital banking arena.