Gabriela Berrospi

Gabriela Berrospi

CEO + Founder, Latino Wall Street

Gabriela Berrospi was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She is a graduate of the prestigious British International School of Lima, which gave her the opportunity to receive a scholarship to be an honor student at New York University (NYU).

Gabriela is the founder of the Latino Wall Street movement, which provides financial education in Spanish to the Latino community, and has thousands of members to date as they continue to grow daily. Gabriela has led in person seminars throughout Latin America and the United States and her movement has members from all over the world – from Latin America to Dubai to Australia.

Gabriela has been nominated by Yahoo Finance as the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of 2020 and selected for the Forbes Finance Council. She recently delivered a TED talk about breaking stereotypes as a Latino woman in the finance industry. She has collaborated with the main leaders and celebrities in the Hispanic community to raise awareness about the underrepresentation of Latinos in finance.

Her passion is to share her knowledge with her audience, especially Latino women like her, so that they can rise to a higher level in their quality of life, especially in the areas of investment and finance.

It is important to note that Gabriela has expanded beyond the Spanish-speaking market. She has done partnerships and collaborations with NYSE traders in Wall Street. She launched Wall Street University on July 4th as a symbol of triumph, financial independence, liberty and prosperity for all. The launch went viral and was promoted by celebrities like George Lopez, who attended as a special guest to speak about the importance of coming together in the context of racial inequality and equal opportunities for all.

In Gabriela’s courses, classes and seminars, she not only teaches in Spanish the Wall Street strategies to generate profits in the stock market – which for so long were hidden from the Latino community – but also empowers and focuses on the mentality that it is necessary to have to succeed in this industry. Gabriela attributes her success at such a young age to personal development – having worked closely with Tony Robbins (being a Platinum Partner) and Bob Proctor – and to spirituality through meditation, being a graduate of the Transcendental Meditation Institute in Manhattan founded by Ray Dalio.

Her mission is to eradicate poverty and create generational wealth so that we can all contribute more to our families and communities and thus together achieve a better world by focusing on the transformation of the Latino community.

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