Eyal Shats

Chief Strategy Officer, Simpliroute

Eyal Shats is a civil-electrical engineer with a diploma in innovation from Stanford University, a professor at the School of Industrial Engineering at Universidad de Chile, and an experienced startup founder. He is currently the Chief Strategy Officer and co-Founder of SimpliRoute, a startup that uses machine learning to optimize last mile logistics for over 1000 clients in different markets.

Simpliroute is a Chilean software company providing logistics intelligence and solutions for last-mile companies across different countries. The company’s platform is licensed through a monthly subscription (per vehicle) and offers a complete last mile solution for SMBs and enterprise customers alike – including route optimization, tracking and analytics, proof of delivery services, and real-time communication for drivers and clients. Overall, SimpliRoute aims to streamline the delivery process, increase efficiency, and provide businesses with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions.

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