Chris Adamo

Chris Adamo

Co-founder of Flamingo Capital and Co-founder of Letterhead

Chris Adamo is a founding partner of Flamingo Capital, a venture capital syndicate in Miami, bridging the funding and investing community to the region, with a focus on web3. Chris is also a Co-founder at media-tech startup WhereBy.Us and Letterhead as well as an active investor and advisor for startups. He is also a Social Impact focused philanthropic community leader. Before joining the team at WhereBy.Us, he spent 8 years at 1800 Flowers.com, expanding their corporate partnerships and digital gifting business, across several roles in the organization going from $500 million to $1 Billion over those years.

On the Community side, Chris is a founding partner of Social Venture Partners Miami, a non-profit fund focused on strategic investments in Miami’s social impact organizations which launched in 2017. He lends his time as a mentor and advisor at the Watson Institute, Binghamton University, Miami Dade College, and multiple local + national startups. He also is an active member on dozens of web3 DAOs and investor in hundreds of nft projects. He’s an active investor in Epic Games, WhereBy.Us, Acorns, Byju’s, Zed Run, Caribu, Craftsman +, Firefly, Binske, Cryptoys, among others and is always looking to kickstart great ideas.

Chris has an MBA and BS from Binghamton University and resides in Miami with his wife, Randi Wolfson and sons, Rhyder and Booker along with his vibrant collection of Hawaiian shirts (which he hasn’t missed a day of wearing one since December 1, 2016).