Ashlee Wright

CEO, WOT, Inc.

Ashlee M. Wright is a dynamic visionary and results-oriented leader and educator. She is the
founder of Next Paradigm Academy, a Miami-based private school that will serve 700 students,
grades 6-12; with a projected launch date between 2025-2026. Next Paradigm will offer a
curriculum with a future-facing approach of innovative, engaging, mastery, and project-based
learning with world-class co-curricular programs and a financial technology cornerstone.
Ashlee is also the CEO of WOT, Inc., an educational services company with offices in Miami
and Lakeland, FL. WOT offers a variety of bespoke solutions to communities who desire to open
a school, require school operational services, or fill an educational need. WOT has served clients
throughout the state of Florida, including but not limited to private and public schools, nonprofit
organizations, and school districts.
In 2011, Ashlee founded a charter school system, which has provided a progressive and
nurturing educational experience to thousands of students in Central Florida who were once
unsuccessful in the traditional public school model and are now thriving, graduating from high
school and pursuing post-graduate opportunities. That system currently serves more than 1,000
students on three campuses throughout Florida.
Ashlee established herself as an education professional by being an exceptional teacher for three
years and simultaneously starting a tutoring company that became the largest of its kind in
Central Florida. She ultimately climbed the career ladder to become a principal at 25. As a result
of her modus operandi, she is widely acclaimed as a business leader who genuinely cares about
the growth of each child and for her ability to effectively raise students’ academic self-esteem to
increase their academic performance. Due to her keen business acumen, optimal management
strategy, and philanthropic endeavors, she was recognized by the U.S. Congress and admitted to
the National Library of Congress. Today, she advises school boards and administrators to utilize
the management and education ethos that has brought her so much success.

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