Arjun (JJ) Desai

Arjun (JJ) Desai

Chief Strategic Innovation Officer Insightec, Director of Founders Factory Miami

Arjun Desai, MD brings a diverse and successful track record as a clinical physician, medical technology executive, bio-technology executive, and investor. His early career started during medical school and residency where he was a founding or early team member at multiple medical and biotechnology companies including Profusa, Qool Therapeutics, Incline Therapeutics, and Avinger. Concomitantly, Dr. Desai served as both clinical instructor and faculty for the Biodesign Program at Stanford. In 2016, Dr. Desai was recruited to serve as the Global Vice President, External Innovation for Johnson & Johnson, where he led the JLABS organization and Center for Device Innovation as Chief Operating Officer. In 2018, Dr. Desai was recruited to lead a global team at Insightec, the world’s foremost leader in focused ultrasound therapeutics, with an emphasis on neuroscience. Arjun serves on the Board of Directors for Obvius Robotics, PathologyWatch, Tympa Health, and is a founding member of Founder’s Factory Miami. Dr. Desai holds a BA in Economics for the University of Oklahoma, an MD from the University of Miami, and is a board certified Anesthesiologist following advanced training at Stanford University.