Andre Siqueira, Co-founder, RD Station

Andre Siqueira

Cofounder, RD Station

Andre Siqueira is a cofounder of RD Station, the leading Marketing Automation Platform in Latin America with +13k customers and +750 employees. For the company’s first 8 years, he led the creation and growth of the Marketing area, considered a benchmark in Brazil. Later, he transitioned to lead a new business unit focused on developing an education product. Through RD he also became an Endeavor Entrepreneur and received the Entrepreneurs of the Year awards from Endeavor (2017) and the Revista Pequena Empresas Grandes Negócios (the most popular SMB magazine in Brazil) in the services category (2015).

Graduated in business administration from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, he became a Marketing professor at PUC RS, Estácio (SC) and Sustentare. He was also elected Inbound Marketing Professional of the Year three times in a row by the Digitalks Award (2016, 2017 and 2018). Andre is a speaker and has been consistently among the highest-rated professionals at the biggest events in Brazil.