Amanda Blevins

Amanda Blevins

VP & CTO, Americas at VMware

Amanda Blevins is VP & CTO, Americas at VMware. She enables customers and partners to achieve their business objectives by co-creating a comprehensive technology strategy with executive leaders. She focuses on cloud, edge, and emerging technologies. Amanda collaborates with VMware’s R&D business units and is passionate about innovation and enabling cross-functional teams to be successful in their creative efforts. Amanda leads the Office of the CTO Global Field Programs that develop technical talent and provides program members the opportunity to participate in Office of the CTO projects and initiatives.

Amanda has been in the IT field for over 25 years in various infrastructure operations and architecture roles throughout her career. She joined VMware as a Sr. Systems Engineer in 2010. She became VMware’s first female Principal Systems Engineer a few years later. As VMware’s first and only female Chief Technologist, she leverages her experience and network to drive awareness and equality for women and all underrepresented people in technology fields.

American Sentinel University, BS Computer Science