Aaron Burciaga

Aaron Burciaga

Data Scientist, AI Engineer, Author, Advisor

Aaron Burciaga is a renowned Data Scientist, AI Engineer, author and Advisor. As a seasoned technology and business leader in both startup and enterprise settings, he has focused his career on delivering efficiency and value through automation, data science, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, and emerging concepts and innovative technologies. Aaron’s roles have included Senior Director Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at ECS Technology, Global Operation Director Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at HCL Technologies, Vice President Data Science & AI at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Global Analytics Platform Lead at Accenture. Aaron was a Marine Corps officer and Iraq war veteran and was the head operations research analyst and director of an operations analysis activity at the Pentagon, supporting the Marine Corps Headquarters. Aaron is a Forbes contributor, frequently invited keynote and speaker, and Certified Analytics Professional (CAP). Aaron received his M.S. Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School and his B.S. from the US Naval Academy.