Sebastian Jasminoy

Founder & CEO, FLUVIP
Sebastian Jasminoy
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Sebastian Jasminoy is the founder and CEO of FLUVIP, the influencer marketing group with the largest presence in the world. He is considered a pioneer and an expert within the influencer marketing industry.

Sebastian earned a Bachelor in Communication from Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then went on to begin his professional career as founder of Bullpix, a local media agency in Argentina. He has a strong background creating and developing Internet-scale businesses.

FLUVIP has a presence in New York, Miami, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

The FLUVIP Group has, over the last five years, developed social media platforms to grow the Influencer and Content Marketing Industry – FLUVIP Influencer Marketing, AdvocatePro, FLUVIPContent, MediaData and Influtech.

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