Payal Khurana

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Find Mindfulness and Starter Space
Payal Khurana
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Payal is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of LaunchPad and Starter Space. Her dynamic background ranges from business strategy, healthcare IT, entrepreneurship, and personal development. She has spent 8 years working in the healthcare IT industry, including serving as a project director for Cerner, an electronic medical record provider. She then owned and managed her own consulting firm overseeing implementations for large hospitals all over the nation.

Her desire to integrate her entrepreneurial spirit and corporate experience led her from Manhattan, New York to Florida to co-found one of Gainesville’s premier startup incubator and co-working spaces – Starter Space. At Starter Space, Payal has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, and helped companies successfully grow from idea to revenue generating companies. Starter Space’s rapid growth in one year alone drew in University of Florida to nominate Payal, and her co-founder Quang, to become “entrepreneurs in residence” for their Entrepreneur & Innovation residence hall in Fall of 2015. The team just celebrated their one year anniversary of LaunchPad, the platform they created to build entrepreneurial ecosystems through formal education and mentoring programs for students.

With a self-reflective lifestyle and her growing awareness of her strengths and passion in coaching balance between entrepreneurship living & well-being, in 2015 Payal ingenuity leveraged her 14+ years of meditation practice to implement & lead mindfulness programs and workshops for working professionals bi-annually. Most recently, Payal was a selected speaker for Tedx March 2016 with her Ted Talk on “Letting go of the Outcome” for an audience of 1500 participants.

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