Mike Dannheim

Co-Founder, Sensei, Payal Khurana, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Find Mindfulness and Starter Space
Mike Dannheim
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Mike is a co-founder at Sensie app, a mobile platform that uses sensors on a smartphone to detect stress and emotions. We help a user learn their emotions, identify the cause of stress and reduce it on demand. An entrepreneur from an early age, Mike’s accomplishments include starting one of the first social media promotional platforms, helping to lead the international expansion of Groupon, running business development for yCombinator startup Grouper Social Club and co-founding 1Apeiron, a venture incubator. At the age of 21 Mike suffered a concussion with amnesia, his future looked bleak but with the help of a friend he learned to meditate to help with the recovery process. Miracles happened and he has been passionate about consciousness, mindfulness and the mind-body connection ever since. Mike sits on the board of Miami Beach Botanical Garden and is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher – leading retreats around the world with his wife twice a year.

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