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Jeremy Ring
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Jeremy Ring was raised in Massachusetts and upon graduating from high school he attended Syracuse University, where he received his degree from the Newhouse Communications School in 1992. Mr. Ring moved to New York City, and at the age of 25 was hired as the first outside sales executive for Yahoo. He opened the New York office and first satellite office for Yahoo. As the original sales executive hired by the company, he was instrumental in growing sales to over $1 billion in just five years. Mr. Ring, having relocated to Silicon Valley launched and led the Programs Team, working with Global Fortune 500 businesses on their internet marketing strategies. In doing so, he was a pioneer in development and growth of the online advertising industry.

Following Yahoo, Mr. Ring co-founded Collegiate Images, which was a joint venture with Collegiate Licensing Corp. and later IMG Worldwide. The Company was acquired in 2008 by XOS Technologies, Inc. Collegiate Images serves as the centralized licensing and rights clearance agency that manages the distribution of copyrighted intellectual property content, focusing exclusively on college sports. Partners include premier collegiate athletic programs, collegiate conferences, bowl games, and national and regional sports networks.

Senator Ring first ran for office in 2006. After winning a three way primary with more than 55% of the vote he was elected to the Florida Senate in November 2006. He was reelected in November 2010 with more than 63% of the popular vote and November of 2012 with over 65% of the vote. Senator Ring was term limited in November 2016

In the Florida Senate, Senator Ring has past served as the Vice Chairman of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee and the Higher Education Policy Committee. From 2009 – 2016, Mr. Ring served as the Chairman of the Governmental Accountability and Oversight committee, which has legislative oversight of the Florida Pension Fund, the State Board of Administration and other government entities in the State of Florida. Governor Charlie Crist, appointed him as the Chairman of the Statewide Committee of Bio-technology Competitiveness. Senator Ring has sponsored and passed several major bills designed to commercialize and secure capital for IP developed within the State University System. Mr. Ring has created the Florida Institute of Commercialization, which acts as a business incubator to innovations developed at Florida’s State Universities, the Florida Technology Seed Capital Fund, for early stage investing, The Florida Opportunity Fund, which serves as the first round of institutional investment and the Florida Growth Fund, which provides later stage capital investment.

From 2012 – 2016, Mr. Ring worked as an Operating Partner for Sterling Partners, a $5 billion Private Equity firm with vast holdings in education, healthcare and business services. Mr. Ring continues to assist several Sterling Portfolio Companies in Business Development pursuits.

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