Gabriel Mesa Nicholls, MD, MBA

Gabriel Mesa Nicholls, MD, MBA
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Gabriel’s most important superpower is connecting … connect people, connect projects, connect ideas, connecting worlds … connecting to transform.

A medical doctor, a pathologist with an executive MBA from UCLA, a painter and sculptor (who works every day in his studio for the last 18 years), with studies in coaching, Gabriel spent 6 years in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry in California, when he (and his wife) decided to return to Colombia, their homecountry, attracted by the possibilities of social transformation, by their family ties and by explosion of life felt in every corner.

Gabriel is passionate about social transformation through innovation and technology; Gabriel represents the coming together of complex worlds to generate powerful visions of unimagined futures. Gabriel is the CEO of a health insurance company (EPS SURA) with more than 2.5 million affiliates, recognized for several consecutive years as the best health insurer in the country. His goal is to make his company a world reference point in healthcare by 2019 by the use of technology allowing people to live healthier, longer, and happier.

Father of 3 children, husband and son, marathon runner and convinced of the power of the conversations, Gabriel accompanied the process of Medellín Fastrack initially with some skepticism, and then with absolute surprise for the final results obtained, for its ability to generate profound transformations with innovative solutions to the problems of the world’s health systems in the 21st century.

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