Francesca Kennedy

Founder + Social Entrepreneur, Ix Style Water For Children
Francesca Kennedy
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After discovering the once beautiful Lake Atitlan of Guatemala that Francesca was baptized in and where her grandparents lived overrun with blue green algae in 2010 and a new generation of children collecting the contaminated water, Francesca turned what NASA deemed one of the worst natural disasters to occur on the planet (as you could see the contamination from space) into action.

Francesca launched her fashion company Ix Style that sells huaraches sandals, bags and jewelry made by Mayan artisans near Lake Atitlan.

Ix is the Mayan word for water. For every purchase, Ix donates to provide clean drinking water to children in Guatemala where Francesca’s family is originally from.

Francesca has risen to the top of the fashion industry as a social entrepreneur. Based in New York City, her designs have appeared in numerous publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Financial Times, LA Times + dozens more.

Richard Branson was one of Ix Style’s first customers. Academy Award winner Amanda Seyfried, actress Jamie Chung + fashion designer Rachel Roy are all customers and supporters of Ix Style.

Francesca has co-designed styles with Gwyneth Paltrow for Goop & sold exclusive styles to J.Crew, Anthropologie, Gap, ShopBop, Holt Renfrew + hundreds of stores worldwide.

As a social entrepreneur, Francesca is one of the most sought after speakers internationally, speaking at the industry’s largest conferences, events and she presented a TED talk.

Francesca was a contestant on Harvey Weinstein’s Shark Tank style TV show called Project Runway: Fashion Startup. There was a bidding war and ultimately Birchbox, Rebecca Minkoff and Gary Wassner all invested in Ix.

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