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Clara Bullrich
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Managing partner for Guggenheim Partners Latin America/LJ Partnerships, a leading independent, privately-held multi-family office with assets under management of $5 billion dollars. Guggenheim has branches in Miami, London, Geneva, Lisbon, The Isle of Man, Neuchatel and Hong Kong

I have been in Guggenheim for 17 years managing individuals, family offices and foundations giving services such as privateoffice, investment advisory,directinvestmentandtrustandfiduciaryservices.

I hold board seats in 10 different companies in US, Latin America and Europe across different industries. I am part of the Global InvestmentCommittee inGuggenheim/LJPartnership.

I have had many roles, as head of business development team, entrepreneur and have 19 years of rich experience in private banking and asset management. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. ClI love to work on tasks that challenge my intellectually and help me think outside the box.

This thought drove me to start together with my partner Laura Gonzalez-Estefani, Genus Venture which focused on investing in start-ups, and other technology and innovation companies – especially Mobile, Virtual Reality and augmented reality technologies – who want to go big, create wealth, and impact the world in a positive way. My aspiration to witness growth has led me to focus on emerging markets like Africa, APAC and LATAM. I love to see growthandinnovationinpeople aroundme–personallyor professionally.

I am anactive boardmember of Bass Museum. Contemporary Art is one of my passions. When I am not working, I take utmost joy and pleasure in spending time withmy family and seeking adventure aroundthe globe. In addition, I enjoy mentoring women at high corporate levels in both Latin America and US to help them trace their path to success.

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