Allan Sutherland

Allan Sutherland

Before In-telligent was even a dream, Allan Sutherland, president, spent a couple of decades defying conventional wisdom of what it means to be a tax accountant by completing a journey that spanned the corporate, advisory, and education sectors.

While still in college, he and a friend created CamRich Consultants, an organizational, process and marketing improvement firm bringing innovative ideas to local businesses in Champaign, Illinois. He credits the insights gained during those early years with contributing greatly to his future success.

Following his first entrepreneurial adventure, Sutherland switched gears and joined Arthur Young and Company’s tax team in Chicago in 1984, and stayed with them until 1993 when he transitioned to Illinois Tool Works (ITW). Sutherland worked his way up through company ranks to the level of senior vice president of taxes and investments where he traveled the world and integrated a global perspective into his work.

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