It’s a powerful new frontier for innovation. Every major industry across the Americas is feeling the impact of today’s rapid advances. What are the most pressing issues? How is each industry responding? At eMerge Americas, discover how key technologies and trends are driving innovation across the industry sectors—Innovate, Mega, Health, EdTech, Finance and Country Pavilions.

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Examine the driving force behind innovation. The evolution of innovation depends on technological advances. This summit brings together the best and brightest from the startup communities and funding ecosystems, and features keynotes and topics that impact various industries.

See how technology plays a role in transforming entertainment. Mega showcases innovators from the music, entertainment and gaming industries. It’s a vibrant and engaging summit which will surely draw a crowd as celebrities and industry leaders discuss transforming trends.

There’s a fundamental shift happening in the health sector. It holds the promise of making us healthier, stronger, and smarter by radically transforming healthcare access and economics. This summit dives into the latest themes surrounding health and wellness.

What’s the future of education? How are mobility, technology and creativity changing the learning process? How is technology enabling exciting new developments in the classroom? EdTech explores these questions and more, demonstrating the latest tools and best practices in education that are revolutionizing the way we learn.

Learn how the finance sector is tapping into technology. See how global marketplace expansion and increased transactional demands are impacting this sector. This summit also discusses thought leadership and financial disruption, and looks at how mobility, security, compliance, financial service and other areas are being transformed by technology.

Take a closer look at the future of urbanization. Country Pavilions addresses urban challenges and ways to employ technology to create communities of the future. This summit addresses the ever pressing issues that impact urban centers, while showcasing how technology is being embraced in order to find resilient solutions.

It all happens at eMerge. This is the must-attend event for Technology in the Americas.

Jim McKelvey Co-Founder Square, LaunchCode

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